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Digital Marketing Tips and News

Google Maps Pack Strategies to Help You Rank

Google Maps has become an indispensable tool for consumers looking for local businesses and services. The Maps interface allows users to search for and discover businesses in their area, view
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Google Page Experience Update is Coming in May

We’re sure you’ve heard about Google’s announcement this summer. Yes, they’ve made another one. In brief, they said that they’re going to update their algorithm in 2021 to include a factor called
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call tracking

Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Business Call Tracking

For any business to succeed, you need a great website — and great tools to gauge its success. They are many tools you can use; however, measuring online traffic and
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9 Signs You Need a Website Redesign In 2019

is it time for a website redesign? Many businesses have trouble determining when it is time for a few changes and when it is time for a complete overhaul. Here
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Social media ROI

How to Calculate Social Media ROI

In the year 2019, you’ve probably heard all the hype about social media marketing and how it can benefit you as a business owner. However, one of the drawbacks about
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email marketing

Email Marketing Basics [+5 Easy Steps to Get Started]

As a business owner, you have probably heard of email marketing as a viable way to increase revenue and even gain new customers. But what is email marketing actually? What
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