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Contact us to discuss your ideas. We can email you our design brief or we can walk you through the phone. We determine who your target audience is and the goal of your site. After we are confident we have heard all of your ideas, we can then begin working on a solution that is right for you. It’s that simple! No pushy sales tactics, no pressure, and absolutely no obligation.


Based on the discovery phase and the information you provided, I will begin conceptualizing and drafting the initial design for your project. The polished concepts will then be presented and your feedback will be requested. Upon approval, the implementation phase will proceed.


We utilize the Bootstrap framework as well as other options. This allows us to deliver a functional site quickly and efficiently. We focus on delivering the core functionality initially, and incrementally adds more features and content as your project evolves and adjusts to your target market and business goals.


This phase involves end-user testing of the project to ensure that the functions and features are working correctly. During this process we make any final adjustments. Once your project is ready to “go live”, we require the client to formally review the project and give final approval.


After testing, a phone consultation training session will be scheduled to ensure you have the necessary skills to use your content management system. This includes text, products, images, etc. Our projects are developed with non-techsavy users in mind and are very easy to use.


Once you are satisfied with the design and development of your project and have approved the functionality and features, Morales Design completes our ‘launch’ checklist and the project is moved to your server and it is released to the web.



We can deliver a new and fresh look that will engage audiences while enriching your brand identity. Our goal is to help you ignite your potential like never before and take your business to the next level.

If you need a quote on a project,  simply fill out and submit our form. We are always taking on new projects. So let’s get started on yours! Just take a second and get in touch with us, we look forward to working with you.